• We Believe You Deserve
    Good Life,
    Good Aging.
  • We Endeavor to
    Bring Back
    Relaxation, Fun, and Joy
  • We Commit to Making Games
    for Seniors
Vita Games Designed for Seniors
Vita Solitaire
Relaxation and brain-teasing entertainment in a large card Solitaire game.
Vita Mahjong
Unwind while sharpening your mind with our Mahjong matching experience.
Vita Color
Find daily inspiration with paint-by-number and creativity, featuring a vast collection of beautiful images.
Vita Jigsaw
A senior-friendly puzzle game that boosts happiness and improves sleep.
Vita Crossword
A crossword puzzle game with gameplay and grids that are both calming and reader friendly.
Vita Spider
Spider Solitaire with classic gameplay and improved senior-centric aesthetics.
Vita Block
A vivid block puzzle game that challenges your mind on a compact grid.
Vita Color Sort
Relaxation meets entertainment in our color sorting game, where you pour water with style.
Vita FreeCell
All that timeless FreeCell fun now reimagined with senior-friendly functions and features.
Vita Math Puzzlz
An engaging math puzzle game that sharpens your arithmetic skills through a series of challenging levels.
Vita Sudoku
A captivating Sudoku game that tests your logic and problem-solving skills on a simple 9x9 grid.
Vita Word Search
A puzzle game that strikes the ideal balance between leisure and cognitive challenges.
Vita Word
A fun and timeless word game that features serene new backdrops.
Vita Studio
Vita Studio is a game developer and publisher in Singapore. Our mission is to make mobile games with experience designed for seniors that bring back relaxation, fun, and joy.

Why We Are Here

Technology soars, yet the seniors it ignores. Phones are smarter each day, while seniors are pushed away. From fonts too slight, to a speed too tight, Farewell to good old days, facing a world that won't wait. Their once vibrant hues, now seem to lose light.

As a game company deeply rooted in humanistic care, we firmly believe that the right to play also belongs to seniors. Embracing the philosophy of "Designed for Seniors" we continuously innovate in product design, marketing and operational services. We aim to craft games that are accessible for seniors, and bring them back relaxation, fun, and joy. We call this "Vita", symbolizing thriving life and unfading vitality.

Vita is the gift we dedicate to seniors. Through Vita, we hope to invoke greater care and understanding for seniors. As we assist them in successful aging in the present, we also envision a warmer, brighter future for all of us.

The Voice of Vita
Małgorzata Poznańska
I've just started playing Vita Solitaire, and I already like it. I am of age, and these large cards are fantastic. I don't have to put on glasses. That's why I give it 5 stars.
Jill Livingston
I'm pretty new to Vita Color, but so far I like it very much. I thought it was going to be just for "old" people. But I like it just fine! The pictures are larger, as is the numbers, ...much easier to read.
Cathy Ellinger
I have several family members with eye issues I think I would do well with Vita Jigsaw. It's very easy to use and when I did a 400-piece puzzle the pieces were a nice size. very clear and bright nice colors that don't hurt the eyes. A nice selection of backgrounds and the 'tray' that you get the pieces from is also made so it's not too dark. Well done, developers!
Esther L Suero
Very healthy and good workout for older people. The letters and numbers are suitable for vision, these games calm anxiety, thank God there are people who are cooperating to make the time for the aging more bearable. Thank you.
Katie J Toma
This jigsaw offers every possible way to put the superb pictures together. I was heartbroken when another jigsaw app dropped, what I consider, one of the most important ways to view and put the jigsaw together. Bye, bye-bye to them, hello to Vita Jigsaw.
Sandy Greggs
Vita Color very mind worthy. Enjoy the coloring very much. Thank-you. Smiles Light up the World. God Bless, Be Safe, and don't forget to Spread KINDNESS. P.S. Vita Color really helps my depression.